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We are an established family run printing firm specialising in letterpress and hot foil printing. Based in the Welsh Marches on the very edge of rural Herefordshire, we combine traditional craft skill with creative expertise, and our lovingly restored vintage presses with an extensive range of speciality papers and boards to create beautiful quality printed products.

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Letterpress Workshops

Our half and full day group workshops are temporarily on hold at the moment due to the current Coronavirus situation. Sign up to our newsletter for notification of when they will resume.

Planning Ahead

If you'd like us to print your letterpress or hot foil wedding stationery, please get in touch to book your slot.

Create an impression with letterpress

Letterpress printing — what is it?

In the beginning was the word — and the word was printed letterpress........

Letterpress is a method of printing from a relief or raised image (also referred to a plate or forme) which is directly transferred to paper or board by means of ink and impression. It is one of the oldest methods of printing dating back to the 15th century and widely accredited to Johannes Gutenberg who pioneered printing with moveable type in Europe in the mid 1400s. This was a hugely significant cultural innovation which brought the dawn of mass communication and the subsequent outflow of ideas (often revolutionary) communicated through the printed word.

Today letterpress printing is prized for its beauty and tactility as well as for its functionality. Here at Berrington Press we offer a comprehensive letterpress service which combines these qualities resulting in each and every job being produced to the finest standard, from invoice and order books and business cards to bespoke wedding stationery. We have an in house collection of metal and wooden type as well as being avid fans of deep relief photopolymer printing plates which enables us to combine modern computer generated graphic design with the ancient craft of letterpress printing.


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